Friday, July 25, 2014

The Legend of the Straw Millionaire

The Legend of the Straw Millionaire

Feeling that trading and bartering will never benefit you? Well, let me remind of you of an age-old Japanese Buddhist folktale that will enlighten you. STORY TIME!!

The legend of the Straw Millionaire (Not Zelda, I’m sorry to disappoint) is a story about a poor peasant named Daietsu-no-suke that traded his way up from a piece of straw with a horsefly tied to it to becoming a millionaire.  Sound crazy? Here’s how he did it.

This poor man tied a fly that was annoying him to a piece of straw that soothed a crying baby. The baby’s thankful mother offered him a bag of oranges in exchange for the straw/fly toy. He then traded his oranges with a dehydrated woman for her silk cloth. A samurai liked the silk cloth and offered to trade his weak horse for it. After agreeing, the man nursed the horse back to health. The horse proceeded to attract the attention of a millionaire who invited him to his house. The millionaire’s daughter was the dehydrated woman he had traded oranges with previously, seeing this as a sign. The millionaire gave his blessing for his daughter to marry and the nameless man and he became a millionaire through inheritance.

And there you have it. This just proves that anything is possible with trading and bartering. You don’t need money to get something good.  This folktale actually was the inspiration for the red paperclip-bartering journey. Check it out here: So next time you are looking for something new and your wallet is just a container for dust, just remember that trading and bartering can be the answer! So get bartering!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tim's Vlog Day 16: Facebook - The Next Frontier

In this episode I set us out on a new course. Now that we’re all caught up and reorganized I discover a new way to find our market. I go over the reasons behind this strategy and the possibilities it has for Barters Closet.​

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tim's Vlog Day 15: Regroup

In today's episode I regroup and explain how the posting schedule works as well as how the AdWords are doing. This is more of a catch up episode so that we can get all the news straight for you guys.​

Tim's Vlog Day 9: Surprise!

In this episode I talk through more AdWords results and how those results came to be. Then I explain a couple surprises that I'm going to leverage to further the success of the AdWords campaign. Stats are slowly improving as well, we need that.​

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tim's Vlog Day 8: How to Find a Good AdWords Keyword

In this episode I'll show you how to find a good ad keyword. I also go over some fairly unfortunate results regarding the AdWords. We need to start to find a way to lower the cost per email... Other than that I go over the plan to see which adword is really working and what we can do to improve that.​

Friday, July 18, 2014

7 Ways that Bartering can help you find the love of your life

7 Ways that Bartering can help you find the love of your life

Having a girlfriend/boyfriend is expensive. You have to worry about gifts and dates and maybe a ring and then a house and then maybe you make the most money-sucking thing of all, a child.  I have nothing against any of those things but we all know that the economy is affecting everyone and that can put a damper on relationships. Wallets are empty and loneliness is taking over. For all of the guys and girls that can’t keep a relationship because money seems like a mythical creature, I have some ideas to help you on your journey for that special someone.  BARTER!

Here’s 7 ways Bartering can help.

1.     Get a new look!
o   Unless you have an absolutely adorable personality, no one is going to want to date someone that looks like they belong in an alley somewhere.
o   Trade your old clothes for something new! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good! Try!

2.     Can’t afford to take your squeeze to dinner? Trade for a gift card to somewhere!
o   Even if you’re low on cash and you want to go to that fancy Thai place down the street, you might be able to barter that old mp3 player you don’t use for a gift card!

3.     No wine glasses for that 28-year-old Merlot that your grandpa gave you? Barter your tacky Wal-Mart cups and a little cash for a few nice glasses.
o   You simply can’t have a romantic evening with your potential true love without some classy wine glasses!

4.     Movie night but no Surround Sound? Come on!
o   How are you supposed to enjoy all of those cool explosions behind Tom Cruise without surround sound?
o   Sell some of your old electronics for some cash or barter an old computer for that perfect companion to any movie experience. 
o   Your date will surely be impressed when the booms can be felt all the way to their soul.

5.     Is it time to pop the question but can’t afford the ring for her finger?
o   If a guy can trade all the way up from a paperclip to a house, I’m sure you can barter up your way to that perfect ring.

6.     Gift ideas getting costly? I’m sure you have stuff from your single life that you can trade for something new.
o   Maybe consider selling and trading your huge collection of Xbox games or huge collection of Beanie Babies that you thought would be worth something someday for something you and your honey would want to share together.

7.     Steps 1-6 not work to get that special someone? Trade them for someone better!
o   I bet that unhappy co-worker with the hot date would be willing to trade you.
o   Once you trade, you can try these steps again until you found someone perfect!

And there you have it folks. A sure fire way to get that Mr. or Mrs. Right.  If these great 7 steps to your future significant other don’t work, I guess there is just no hope for you.  Now get out there and barter your way to the perfect marriage and life!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tim's Vlog Day 7 - How To Setup An Adword Campaign

In this episode I explain why we are doing all this testing with AdWords and why it's important. Then I catch you up on the results from yesterday and walk you through what I do to find a new keyword and make an ad for it.